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OC ReMix Radio - - - > 10th Anniversary Celebration Prize Giveaways

1. 'For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man' CD (3)

2. 'Freshman Year' by OverClocked University CD (1)

3. Google Chromecast (2)

The live action on Twitter has ended - - - > [Link]

Prize winners will be announced at 12:59 AM ET on 11/11/2014

Prizes are furnished by VinnyMac Productions


Here are the randomly selected OC ReMix Radio - - - > Live! 10th Anniversary celebration prize winners. If your Twitter handle is in the list below, you have won! Send VinnyMac an email to promo@noctalk.com with the subject line "OC ReMix Radio - - - > Live! 10th Anniversary Celebration Winner" from the email account registered with your Twitter handle. For prompt delivery, please include your full name and mailing address the prize should be delivered to in the email. Winners have until 3 PM ET on Friday 11/14 to claim their prizes. We thank you and everyone around the world for listening!


1. 'For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man' CD

a. @darkerturbo

b. @Nintendium

c. @justinhall


2. 'Freshman Year' by OverClocked University CD



3. The Grand prizes were not claimed per the on-air details.



OC ReMix Radio - - - > Live! Turns 10!

- - - > Recorded just for you by VinnyMac on his flight back to Central Virginia from Los Angeles, California.

The final concept of OC ReMix Radio - - - > Live! debuted on a special edition of the VinnyMac's 9 Radio Show on Wednesday November 10, 2004 at 6PM ET | 3 PM PT and as most of you out there know, ocremixradio.com - the new home for OC ReMix Radio - - - > Live! was launched on the same date in 2013 and celebrates its1 year anniversary on Monday November 10, 2014. We could not be any more thrilled to be a part of your lives bringing you the awesome tracks from the OCR community every minute of the day, wherever you go! How will we celebrate? A non-stop selection of your favorite OverClocked ReMix tracks, of course! Don't forget! You can always email us at request@ocremixradio.com and follow VinnyMac and the live action on Twitter @DJVinceVinnyMac.


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