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Welcome to the place where you can listen to your favorite OverClocked ReMix tracks all day, every day, and 100% commercial free! OC ReMix Radio - - - > Live! is an independent free non-commercial radio station provided for educational purposes and is not directly affiliated with OverClocked ReMix LLC or Rainwave, however our mission is similar in that we too are dedicated to the appreciation and promotion of fan created video game music! Enjoy!



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OC ReMix Radio - - - > Game CHUMPs Chat - Episode 1402 Airs March 23 - 9 PM ET | 6 PM PT - - - > [Link]

- - - > Episode 1402 - Live from Chester, Virginia
Podcast Live Stream:
SHOUTcast Direct
YouTube Gaming
LiveCaster (VIP)



OC ReMix Radio - - - > Phoenix Comic Fest 2018!!

We'll be at Phoenix Comic Fest 2018 as usual!! Be there or be square!!



OC ReMix Radio - - - > Phoenix Comicon 2017!!

We'll be at Phoenix Comicon 2017 and hope to see you there!!



OC ReMix Radio - - - > MAGFest 2017!!

The countdown to MAGFest 2017 has begun. This annual festival is shaping up to be one hell of an event as usual! We hope to see you there!

January 5 - 8, 2017 • National Harbor, Maryland

MAGFest 2017 - Music and Gaming Festival Event Site - - - > [Link]

MAGFest 2017‬ - Registration has Officially Launched! - - - > [Link]



OC ReMix Radio - - - > MAGFest Laboratories!!



OC ReMix Radio - - - > We're Back!!

We heard you loud and clear from the vast emails and letters sent in after 11/09 so if you thought we left you in the dark for good, you’ve been mistaken. We just needed a few days to re-group and re-engineer the backend so the service will be better managed for all you fine folks out there!



OC ReMix Radio - - - > An OverClocked ReMix Album - 'Super Cartography Bros.' - - - > [Preview]



OC ReMix Radio - - - > Support of VGM and the OCR Community

If you missed the first show of Season 13, as part of my continued support of Video Game Music and OverClocked ReMix I will be sending Dain Olsen aka Beatdrop to ‪‎MAGFest 2016‬. -VinnyMac



OC ReMix Radio - - - > An OverClocked ReMix Album - 'Final Fantasy IX - Worlds Apart' - - - > [Preview]



OC ReMix Radio - - - > VinnyMac's 9 Radio Show - Podcast - Episode 1301! - - - > [Link]

Catch the podcast Thursday 9/10 at 9 PM ET | 6 PM PT when I reveal who from the ‪OC ReMix‬ community I'll be sending to MAGFest 2016! -VinnyMac



OC ReMix Radio - - - > MAGFest 2016!!

February 18-21, 2016 • National Harbor, Maryland

MAGFest 2016 - Music and Gaming Festival Event Site - - - > [Link]

MAGFest 2016 - Registration has Officially Launched! - - - > [Link]



OC ReMix Radio - - - > MAGClassic 2015 is almost here!!

We're less than a month away from MAGClassic 2015! If you haven't registered yet, what are you waiting for??? We hope to see you there!



OC ReMix Radio - - - > VinnyMac Productions Live Studios | Dj Vince VinnyMac on Twitch - - - > [Link]

The new and improved VinnyMac Productions Live Studios is ready for prime time! Check social media for the latest on scheduled live action!



OC ReMix Radio - - - > MAGClassic 2015!!



OC ReMix Radio - - - > Live! and Twitch

I receive questions frequently from listeners asking if we can provide a stream for OC ReMix Radio - - - > Live! through Twitch. Twitch is a platform which has dramatically changed the way we play and interact with the gaming community, but the fact of the matter is when our site re-launched in November 2013, we exclusively used Twitch as our method to stream and we were fine for 6 months. Then Twitch suspended the OCRMX account for a month without any communication even after we had immediately submitted an unblock ticket request and their support would not give us a definitive explanation why the account was suspended. We were told if we ever started streaming OC ReMix Radio - - - > Live! through Twitch the account would be permanently disabled and they would take our first born. During the time they had suspended the account, all VinnyMac Productions datacenter IP addresses and my own personal and mobile network IPs were blocked from accessing all Twitch resources. When attempting to access Twitch during this time we were presented with a nasty technical page which most would be unable to interpret but essentially meant our networks were banned from accessing any Twitch related resources for an "unknown reason". Twitch is definitely a revolutionary game changing platform but they have many internal issues to work out before we can even consider using it again to provide any services to our end users. -VinnyMac



OC ReMix Radio - - - > Happy Birthday Flexstyle!!

Today February 7th is DJ Flexstyle's birthday! His new album 'Perfect Getaway' drops today and you can get it now on Bandcamp - - - > [Link]

Join the fun starting at 7:30 PM ET as we celebrate Flexstyle's birthday, work, and new album live on Twitch - - - > [Link]



OC ReMix Radio - - - > Flexstyle - Perfect Getaway Listening Party!!

Release date: February 7, 2015


Album artwork by Edward Dennis (artofedwarddennis.com)

Album design by Mark Whiten


Catch the sudo (because there's no chat involved) pre-release listening party of DJ Flexstyle's new compilation album 'Perfect Getaway' (Coming Feb. 7th) Friday 01/30 8 PM ET right here! We'll also be listening to an exclusive mix CD from DJ Flexstyle only available for purchase at MAGFest13 and Apex 2015! The Xiia Live mobile app is the best way tune in!


'Perfect Getaway' is roughly the story of one man's rampage through a corrupt city set at some point in the technologically-advanced future. Flexstyle, the Mad Scientist of Sound, has had it with the evils running the city, and has decided to make a statement . . . with MUSIC. Destruction of buildings may occur due to loud decibel levels. Not recommended for children under the age of zero or corrupt government officials of any age.


Air Time: Friday Friday 01/30 8 PM - 10 PM ET - - - > Replay at 10 PM ET

Show Notes - - - > [Link]

Listen live, right now! - - - > [Link]


Order 'Perfect Getaway' - - - > [Link]

View All Albums - - - > [Link]

Flexstyle Music Main Site - - - > [Link]

Pickup Flexstyle Merch - - - > [Link]

Flexstyle on Twitter - - - > [Link]



OC ReMix Radio - - - > APEX 2015 is ths Weekend!!

Although I will not be at APEX 2015 at the Clarion Hotel Empire Meadowlands in Secaucus, New Jersey going from Friday January 30th until Sunday February 1st. if you are nearby, this is a must attend event for anyone even remotely interested in Super Smash Bros! -VinnyMac



OC ReMix Radio - - - > MAGFest13 is here!!

Come say hi and hangout! -VinnyMac

See what's up on Twitter - - - > [Link]

Catch all the action live! - - - > [Link]



OC ReMix Radio - - - > Happy New Years Eve!!

Wherever you are and whatever you're doing tonight I hope you have a safe & unforgettable New Years Eve!




Big Al's Jams - - - > Live!!

Big Al's Jams will be live on Sunday December 28th at Oldskool Video Games and More in Suffolk, Virginia. Be there or be the square button on a playstation controller! 3575 Bridge Road Suite 6A 23435 | 757-484-4242

Bio and album preview - - - > [Link]
Full album on Soundcloud - - - > [Link]

Big Al's Jams Live Announcement - - - > [Link]

Oldskool Video Games and More Store Site - - - > [Link]



OC ReMix Radio - - - > MAGFest 13!!

The countdown to MAGFest 13 has begun. This annual festival is shaping up to be one hell of an event as usual! We hope to see you there!

January 23 - 26, 2015 • National Harbor, Maryland

MAGFest 13 - Music and Gaming Festival Event Site - - - > [Link]

MAGFest 13‬ - Registration has Officially Launched! - - - > [Link]



OC ReMix Radio - - - > Happy Holidays!!

I would like to personally wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, Feliz Navidad, a quiet Winter Solstice, a delightful Boxing Day, and a Happy Festivus to everyone else. Whoever you spend the holidays with whether it be family, friends, or just yourself be safe and enjoy! We'll see you in 2015, literally! Until then, continue to enjoy the commercial free OverClocked ReMix tracks coming to you live 24/7 365 days a year! Listen Live, right now! - - - > [Link]




OverClocked ReMix - - - > Turns 15 Today, 12/11!!

It all started 15 years ago today! Take part in the live action on Twitter - - - > [Link]



OC ReMix Radio - - - > Happy Thanksgiving!!

From my family to yours and all of us here at VinnyMac Productions, Happy Thanksgiving! Eat lots of turkey and enjoy the holiday weekend! -VinnyMac



OverClocked ReMix Patreon Campaign - - - > 4th Milestone Goal Reached!!

Today 11/20 VinnyMac doubled his monthly Patreon pledge to OverClocked ReMix to get them and the hundreds of supporters past the next goal. Be super cool and help support OC ReMix today! - - - > [Link]



Dj CUTMAN - - - > This Week in Chiptune

VinnyMac supports Dj CUTMAN and This Week in Chiptune - A Weekly Chiptune Podcast hosted every Wednesday at 10 PM ET live on Mixify and YouTube beyond the highest level! You can show your support for TWiC by making a pledge on Patreon! - - - > [Link] | TWiC - - - > [Link]



OC ReMix Radio - - - > 10th Anniversary Celebration Prize Giveaways

1. 'For Everlasting Peace: 25 Years of Mega Man' CD (3)

2. 'Freshman Year' by OverClocked University CD (1)

3. Google Chromecast (2)

The live action on Twitter has ended - - - > [Link]

Prize winners will be announced at 12:59 AM ET on 11/11/2014 - - - > [Link]

Prizes are furnished by VinnyMac Productions



On-Demand - - - > Personal Accounts!!

If you frequent the on-demand service and would like your very own account so you can create and manage custom playlists on the webapp and on mobile, send us an email request and we will create an account with an alias of your choosing! - - - > [Link]



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