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Release date: February 7, 2015

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Album artwork by Edward Dennis (artofedwarddennis.com)

Album design by Mark Whiten


Part 1 - Flexstyle @flexstylemusic - 'Perfect Getaway' Pre-release Listening Party with your Host DJ Vince VinnyMac @DJVinceVinnyMac


Tracks featured tonight (in order):

1. Jamison Randall – Neck Deep (Flexstyle’s Chilloniq Remix)

2. Stand With Me (Synthpop Mix)

3. Oasis (KingTiger’s Total Care Package Remix)

4. Solar Eclipse feat. Dan Veytia

5. Revolution feat. AkumajoBelmont & Jason Covenant

6. Perfect Getaway

7. Sommer Stilhed (Summer Silence)

8. Fluid Motion feat. Fighting for Last

9. Bass Invasion

10. Metro Reflections feat. dmGuillotine

11. Shattered feat. Airdrift & dmGuillotine

12. Ben Briggs – Methods (Flexstyle’s Mad Science Remix)

13. Recharge


Bonus Tracks not Featured tonight:

14. Oasis (Original Mix)

15. Oasis (Nutritious Remix)

16. Oasis (HoboKa's Purgatory Remix)



Show Archive - 01-30-2015 - Complete (280 MB - 320 kbps) | Part 001 (78.4 MB - 192 kbps) | Part 002 (7.93 MB 192 kbps) | Part 003 (82.1 MB - 192 kbps)

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Intro / Track 1

Welcome party people to ocremixtradio.com home of OC ReMix Radio - - - > Live! I'm your esteemed host Dj Vince VinnyMac and tonight we'll be listening to the new compilation album dropping Saturday February 7th, 'Flexstyle - Perfect Getaway'.


'Perfect Getaway' is roughly the story of one man's rampage through a corrupt city set at some point in the technologically-advanced future. Flexstyle, the Mad Scientist of Sound, has had it with the evils running the city, and has decided to make a statement...with music.


'Perfect Getaway' is an album which contains 13 tracks and 3 bonus tracks from various artists and remixers...and of course it was compiled by one of my personal favorites, DJ Flexstyle. I had the opportunity to fly him in from his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona and hangout with him, the OverClocked ReMix crew, and the guys over at GameChops for MAGFest13 and we had such a fantastic time! Right now you're listening to 'Neck Deep', the first track off the album...let's take a closer listen.



Track 2

So the 2nd track on the album is a mellow and fun tune to jive to, a synthpop mix called 'Stand with Me'. I really like this track because of how smooth it is. It has a fantastic BPM to it and in fact if I were going to remix this track, I wouldn't change it one bit because it is that awesomely well done!



Track 3

I'll let you stand with me any day! So that was 'Stand with Me' track #2 off the 'Perfect Getaway' compilation album. Next up, track #3 is called 'Oasis (KingTiger’s Total Care Package Remix)'. If you buy the physical album there are three bonus tracks that are kind of similar to this one. That's one of the cool things about composing music and remixing music based on a theme. You can have multiple people working on a particular type of mix and you can end up with a completely different set of tracks, and that's kind of what happened here...



Track 4

Track #4 off the album titled 'Solar Eclipse' happens to be one of my favorites off the album, it's a fast moving track and one of things I have always liked about DJ Flexstyle and the artists he collaborates with is that the soundscapes they paint are very spacey and dynamic and I would like to see this used a lot more these days...



Track 5

The next track on the album is titled 'Revolution'. For more information on both the artists and track titles of all the mixes we play tonight, make sure to head over to ocremixradiio.com, check out the show notes and of course checkout the place where you can pre-order the album at flexstyle.bandcamp.com.


Also later in the show we will be listening to an exclusive mix created by DJ Flexstyle which basically encompasses all of his greatest work into a one hour compilation, so I hope you stick around and let's continue listening.



Track 6

Welcome back to the listening party, I'm your loyal host DJ Vince VinnyMac and you're listening to OC ReMix Radio - - - > Live! here on ocremixradio.com. You can be listening to us a variety of ways tonight. Either way we thank you for stopping by and taking a listen. You're listening to DJ Flexstyle's latest album dropping on February 7th, 'Perfect Getaway'. The track you're listening to now is #6 off the album and it's known by the same name as the album, 'Perfect Getaway'.



Track 7

Right now we're listening to track 7 off the album, 'Summer Silence'. It's not summer yet, but it will be here before we know it. We'll be out hiking, we'll be out at the amusement park, and for us adults out there, we'll be doing yard work...



Track 8

So coming at you right now is the # 8 track from the Perfect Getaway album, 'Fluid Motion feat. Fighting for Last'. This is another great example of Flexstyle and of course his many collaborators and how they are able to achieve such an open and dynamic soundscape.



Track 9

As the title of track 9 implies, this is a 'Bass Invasion' and that's exactly what it is! I'm DJ Vince VinnyMac and we've got a couple more tracks to go and after we finish listening to the compilation album we'll get into the exclusive mix CD only available at MAGFest13 which is over now and APEX 2015 at the Clarion Hotel Empire Meadowlands in Secaucus, New Jersey going from Today January 30th until this Sunday February 1st. Make sure to stop by and see DJ Flexstyle at Apex 2015 and tell him I sent you. Pick up both CDs, get his autograph, get him to sign the CDs, and tell him you love his music.



Track 10

Track # 10 on the album titled 'Metro Reflections' is another spacey soundscape which I don't know about you, opens up my imagination and generates many emotional feelings...



Track 11

Thank you for sticking with us as we continue listening to the 'Perfect Getaway' compilation album mixed by DJ Flexstyle and others. Track 11 is called 'Shattered feat. Airdrift & dmGuillotine'. Don't forget as part of my own personal patronage to the arts I support both OverClocked ReMix on Patreon and also Dj CUTMAN's supporting his weekly show, This Week in Chip Tune (TWiC). There are many ways that you can support the VGM and the OverClocked ReMix community. Any artists or particular community which you find fascinating, make sure to support them in any way you can because most of them are doing this for the price of absolutely nothing.



Track 12

Now an album of this caliber can't lack a track from the all knowing, all powerful, all chiptuney Benjamin Briggs. Track #12 is called 'Methods' and is also known as (Flexstyle's Mad Science ReMix).



Track 13

Alright ladies, gentlemen, beasts of all sizes, we are up to the last track of 'Perfect Getaway'...but don't go anywhere because after this we'll be spending the next hour listening to DJ Flexstyle's exclusive Super Mega Deluxe Mix. If you would like to get a copy of the mix the only way to do so is to get it from Flexstyle personally at APEX 2015 this weekend. You could have picked it up at MAGFest13 but that's over now, cue the post MAGFest depression...


The title of the final track, track 13 on 'Perfect Getaway' is called 'Recharge'.




Alright party people that was 'Recharge' the final track on 'Flexstyle - Perfect Getaway'. So there you have it, all 13 tracks. If you like what you heard and would like to hear the three bonus tracks make sure to either pre-order the physical album or pickup a copy at APEX 2015. I'm your host DJ Vince VinnyMac and after we play a new OverClocked ReMix track released this week we'll listen to the exclusive DJ Flexstyle Super Mega Deluxe Mix CD only available for purchase at APEX 2015 this weekend.




Part 2 - New OCRMX Track!

Brandon Strader - 'Don't Even Try'


You're listening to Brandon Strader with 'Don't Even Try', a new OverClocked ReMix from Portal 2 right here on OC ReMix Radio - - - > Live!




Part 3 - Flexstyle @flexstylemusic - Super Mega Deluxe Mix CD Listening Party with your Host DJ Vince VinnyMac @DJVinceVinnyMac


Welcome inside DJ Flexstyle's Super Mega Deluxe Mix CD Listening Party. I'm your Host DJ Vince VinnyMac here on OC ReMix Radio - - - > Live! It's a pleasure having you with us tonight on this Friday night and if you're here, you here for a particular reason. If you like what you hear tonight and you're at Apex 2015 at the Clarion Hotel Empire Meadowlands in Secaucus, New Jersey make sure to pick up the album while you're there because it's gonna be the last chance you'll be able to get this one. It's limited edition unlike the compilation album we heard earlier which comes out on February 7th and that also happens to be DJ Flexstyle's birthday so make sure to send him a little something if you can. But enough about that! Let's kick back relax and listen to a nonstop hour block of DJ Flexstyle's greatest work.




Thanks everyone for tuning in to the listening party tonight. If you like what you heard make sure to pre-order 'Perfect Getaway' by going to flexstyle.bandcamp.com or pickup a copy from DJ Flexstyle himself at Apex 2015 if you're in the New Jersey area this weekend. Apex is the only place you'll be able to get a copy of Flexstyle's Mix CD we just heard so make sure to attend if you're nearby. Remember you can check the show notes following the show on ocremixradio.com for the complete details of everything we covered in the listening party tonight...and don't forget you can always email us at request@ocremixradio.com and make sure to follow me on Twitter @DJVinceVinnyMac...until next time I'm your loyal host DJ Vince VinnyMac signing off...



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